The Healthy Eating Initiative Award 2015/16 

‘Fruity Crisps’ 
Byfield Primary School, Thornton, Cleveleys 
Nominated by: Kim Cresswell  
‘Fruity Crisps’ involved slicing and baking fruit so as to offer a healthy alternative at snack time – the project also helped to reduce waste, as the school had noticed that children did not typically select fruit for their snack during the winter months. 
Byfield is a blink-and-you’ll-miss-it postcard village near Daventry. 
If you’re not careful, you could drive straight past it and miss out on this picturesque countryside gem. Byfield is studded with stonewall thatched houses and sprightly tweed-clad residents called things like Albert and Edna, out for a spot of post-officing. There is no McDonalds here. 
There are no gaudy neon kebab houses or cineplexes or shopping malls. Instead there is an animal rescue, a village club, and a primary school spread across several buildings. It’s all rather splendid. 
Byfield Primary is where I was heading. Upon arrival, I parked near an actual real life red phone box. I liked Byfield! 
As I entered the reception area, I noted that the walls were decked in pieces of work produced by the pupils. In a glass cabinet there were photographs of pupils taking part in the winning project, ‘Fruity Crisps’ – which involved slicing and baking fruit to enjoy at snack time. 
The award was presented during a full school assembly. Teachers accepted the award on behalf of the multiple children involved, and photographs were taken for the local newspaper! 
As an extra surprise for the children, a fresh batch of Fruity Crisps had been baking during the presentation. The crisps were made available to children as they filed out of the assembly, and every last one of the crisps was gleefully gobbled down! 
Parents have reported that children have shown a greater interest in nutrition following the award winning project, and that their children have begun selecting healthier snacks at home. 
Congratulations once again to Byfield Primary! 
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