The Money Management Award 2015/16 

‘The Window’ 
Longton Primary School, Longton, Preston 
Nominated by: Alison Moxham 
Presented by: Steve Jackson  
“The Window” is an ongoing highly successful and lucrative project that focuses on teaching pupils about profit and loss through adapting to the ongoing requirements of maintaining a functional tuck-shop style business. 
What Inspired the Project? 
The school commented: “Previously, each class would have an enterprise day where pupils would plan, resource and 
sell items they had made in order to learn about profit and loss. We felt that this didn’t show enough about the sustained needs of a business where market research and product choices and advertising would be involved.” 
What were the aims of the project? 
The school says that at the aim of the project was to encourage pupils to plan and run a retail enterprise initiative for the duration of a school year. This included taking on concepts such as net and gross profit margins, marketing, advertising, cooperation, and leadership. The children demonstrated an excellent understanding of the principles involved, successfully making a profit. 
How Successful was the Project? 
When asked if the project was a success, the school commented: “Yes, absolutely. It was a success from the start. The pupils running it have demonstrated a huge skill level and the impact on all pupils has been has been great as it is well attended.” 
“The first term profit was £105 and we are on track for a similar amount in the Spring Term. This money is being used by the pupils to buy more products and some is being kept in reserve.” 
The legacy of “The Window” is that future Year 6 pupils will be able to learn from the efforts of the students that currently run the project, and continue to run and expand the initiative into the next school year – the current team of pupils heading the project has already expanded operations to include a toddler friendly session on Friday mornings. 
Congratulations once again to Longton Primary School! 
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