The Community Champion Award 

'Valerie Jones ' 
Charsfield and Dennington School Partnership, Woodbridge, Suffolk 
Nominated by: Charys Rushbrook 
Val Jones; Charsfield and Denningtons Community Legacy! 
Valerie Jones, affectionately ‘Val’ to her colleagues, has been the driving force behind the Charsfield and Dennington federation since 2014.  
Making sure that the federation of the two formerly independent schools (down to financial reasons) had no negative effect on the staff, or the learning of the students. 
Constantly innovating, Val has been thoroughly dedicated to creating a strong partnership between the schools, making sure to eradicate the insular culture that so often can be found in small village schools. She has worked tirelessly, and has built a culture of support and learning for all of the children in Suffolk villages. 
Through the federation, teachers have been up skilled to be able to lead subjects such as French, art, geography, history and computing. Meaning more engagement and far better learning opportunities for the students.  
The far reaching benefit of the two school partnership has been huge; meaning that children are able to access opportunities for trips, visits and exciting learning opportunities that would just not be possible for one school to do. 
The strong community and school partnership has also had welcome side-effects, with local students being far less daunted and far more prepared for high-school education and life. Down to the fact that they’ve been exposed to, and know, most of the students in the catchment area. 
With Val’s retirement impending, the school would like to recognise her for the amazing legacy that she has left the village schools. 
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