Recycle, Reuse, Reduce Award 

‘Holy Trinity's 3 R's’ 
Holy Trinity Catholic Academy, Newark, Nottinghamshire 
Nominated by: Christine Smith 
Nottinghamshire school ‘Eco Club’ recycles its way to national award! 
Holy trinity Catholic Academy in Newark was presented with the 2017 ‘Recycle, Reuse and Reduce Project’ Community Education Award at a celebration assembly in front of the school staff, students, governors and parents. 
The award comes following the excellent work on the schools ‘Eco-Club’ which provides sustainability and recycling education to students after school.  
The main aim of the Eco Club is to make sure that the school is up to scratch when it comes to environmental thinking. 
Specifically, the school's entry centred on the Eco Clubs newest project; recycling old milk cartons. Now at face value recycling milk cartons seems like a mundane task that any school would be managing, however, the students at HTCA have taken it a whole step further. 
After noticing the amount of leftover milk cartons the students were conscious about them ending up in a landfill site. To combat this they researched and contacted a company to take away the carton refuse and make sure it was recycled properly; however, this came at a cost. 
The students, unwilling to let costs get in the way of saving the environment set up a stall within the school that sells uniforms, the proceeds are given to the eco club to cover the costs of recycling and also excess profit is used to buy materials and supplies. 
“The fact that this is a self-funded project really highlights the effort that Holy Trinity students put into recycling and sustainability” explained Kelly Griffiths the Awards Organiser “they were not just willing to quit after finding out that there was a cost they couldn’t afford. They stepped up, sacrificing their own time and effort to make sure that their school was recycling properly, and that’s why they’re the right choice to win the Recycling Award”. 
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