STEM Innovation Award 2018 

"Science Enrichment Competitions" 
Nominated by: Vanessa Laurent-Grant 
The Hampstead School Science Enrichment Competitions have been designed to highlight the importance of how the science that they learn and how they choose to apply it can have an impact on the world. 
The competitions are held monthly are are always on the topics of Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths. They range from 'Dome Sweet Dome' a challenge to build a free standing dome out of straws to 'Run Water Run' where students had to move a specific volume of water across the length of a football pitch without moving their feet... all outcomes are to aid problem solving activities which require the students to use their scientific knowledge and understanding to reach the best solutions. 
The Science enrichment projects have raised the profile for the STEM Subject, as well as increased the morale and the benefits it brings their students in terms of cognition, enjoyment and engagement.  
Students who were initially more introverted have become more confident to speak up, and the competitions have also helped the school raise money for their chosen charities.  
Congratulations to the Science Enrichment team at Hampstead School for winning the 
"STEM Innovation Award 2018" 
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