SCC Internet Safety and Cyber Bullying Project Award 2014 

"Not Such a Sweet Tweet" and "The Anti-Social Network" 
Eastlands Primary School 
Nominated by: Jo Corrigan 
‘The Anti-Social Network’ is a film aimed at primary aged children to raise awareness of the sensitive subject of cyber bullying. This film was created by the Year 5 class (2012/13) with funding from Warwickshire Crimebeat and Eastlands Parents and Staff Association (PSA) in collaboration with Jam-Av Media Production. 
The aim of the project was to build upon the school strengths (OFSTED ‘Outstanding’ Behaviour and Safety’, SWGFL 360 degree E-safety accreditation) in Child Protection and Safeguarding by children working with professionals to create teaching and learning resources to ‘fill the gap’ in the market for appropriate resources aimed at Primary aged children. The resources were created with funding donated by charitable/professional organisations. 
The school has actively shared the resources with the local, national and global community to positively impact on the lives of children and adults through original and innovative resources raising awareness and informing them of the positive and potentially negative aspects of the internet, along with educating about responsible use. 
Testimonials state the resources are of extremely high quality and used throughout the world. 
Filmed ‘on location’ at Warwick Crown Court, the film is a courtroom drama outlining the case against a pupil accused of sending malicious messages to another pupil and the impact it has on the victim once others become involved in the cyber bullying. The film follows the trial with pupils playing all the lead roles as the cases for both the defence and prosecution are put before the jury. As the drama unfolds in court, several flash backs show the extent of the cyber bullying and how it has made the victim feels. 
With the defendant under questioning, a shocking twist emerges to show to reveal the truth. The Anti-Social Network provides a dramatic backdrop to an all too important message regarding internet safety and cyber bullying. Kelly Griffiths from the Community Education Awards commented: “We were astounded by the professionalism and level of detail involved in the production of the film. The courtroom scenes were fantastic and it was incredible to see how hard the pupils had worked come to fruition with a widely acclaimed, excellent film.” 
Following the huge success of the ‘Anti-Social Network’, the school have moved on to another project which is a travelling theatre. Children decided what the production would be about and shared their ideas on what would be their new e-safety project. The production looked to incorporate the Hansel and Grettel story and this formed the basis for ‘Not Such A Sweet Tweet’. 
After the pupils devised a script and rehearsed their play, they visited a number of schools to put on their production which received from teachers and pupils alike. 
Kelly Griffiths added: “We are delighted to add a Community Education Award to the growing list of accolades the school’s e-safety work has been given. The outstanding level of quality behind the pupils’ tireless efforts to promoting internet safety means they are worthy winners of the SCC Internet Safety and Cyber Bullying Project Award.” 
For the third consecutive year running, SCC sponsored the Internet Safety and Cyber Bullying Project Award as part of the Community Education Awards in association with The Police Community Clubs of Great Britain, rewarding school projects based on Internet Safety. In 2013, they funded over 1,000 copies of ‘Caught in the Web’ to be placed in local Birmingham schools. 
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